Every Piece Of Clothing Tells A Story

June 05, 2019

Every Piece Of Clothing Tells A Story

     I started designing clothes made of African prints for my children because I wanted them to have a piece of Liberia close to their hearts. I wanted them to envision the sounds, the smells, taste, and style of the Liberian people. After friends started asking me to make clothing for them, I decided to create Zabba Designs.  I believe that it's every woman’s right to look and feel glamorous and elegant regardless of her body shape or size.

     You can be assured that When you purchase clothing from Zabba Designs you are  helping keep a young Liberian girl in school. After reading about the abuse and rape of young girls in Liberia by the More Than Me charity and how it became a predator hunting ground, We decided to help change this narrative by tackling barriers to education for girls and give them the chance to go to school and become successful. We are developing a scholarship program for girls because the established culture in Liberia is to educate and put more emphasis on boys but not girls. Only 7 percent of boys and girls combined complete primary school in the West African nation, according to the Education Policy and Data Center. Only 37 percent of young women in Liberia are literate, according to UNICEF. The literacy rate for young men is nearly twice that, at 68 percent.

     According to UNICEF, there are an estimated 140,160 school-aged girls who remain out of school in Liberia, and an additional 174,380 who are over-aged and at risk of dropping out, according to the Out of School Survey in 2016. 

     We want to eliminate barriers to education for our your girls such as School fees, extra costs such as uniforms, books, and transportation. Many need to work to boost their family income thus forcing many to drop out of school or prevent them from getting an education. Many Young girls are taken advantage of by older wealthy men because of their desperate need to take care of their families.

     Help us send these vulnerable young girls to school in Liberia. It is our belief that when we educate women, we start to change the culture and marginalization of women in Liberia.

       Everything that has the Zabba Designs label exudes not just quality but Sassiness, Sexiness, and Style. Live, Love, Laugh, & wear Zabba Designs. Because if you are not having fun......then what's the point?


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